Environment and social responsibility

Kateha’s rugs have environment and quality certification. Natural resources and the environment are important aspects for Kateha. We therefore always choose suppliers who care about the environment. Kateha uses mainly natural fibres. Wool, for instance, which is a renewable fibre and also compostable. As a large proportion of our production is done by hand, little or no energy is required.

Kateha’s Indian supplier, M. A. Trading, is well-known for taking – and for having for decades taken – a great social responsibility for its staff in the different processes by:

  • improving the weavers’ standard of living,
  • improving wages and working conditions, and
  • actively supporting women’s right to work – not just in production but at all levels in the company.

It is important for us at Kateha to work with a supplier that cares for their staff and their families, because it is the weavers who are the skilled craftsmen and women. They are the ones who handmake the beautiful, quality rugs on which you can rest your eyes and your feet.


We are taking responsibility for our packaging

We are connected to the Green Dot trademark, which means
we pay packaging fee for all of our packaging.