Most of Kateha’s rugs are suitable for less tough contract interiors, areas that are not in constant use. These could be hotel rooms, foyers, conference and meeting rooms.

Kateha also make tufted rugs for tougher, contract interiors. We can produce your rug up to a size of 500 x 1300 cm, with a delivery time of 4 weeks – Celia contract and Cirius hardtwist contract. Celia contract is suitable as an exclusive wall-to-wall carpet and even works as a sound absorber on the wall. Should you need an even bigger rug, we are able to tuft in maximum widths of up to 1100 cm and unlimited length – Contract 1100 – contact us for more info and quotation.  Contract 1100 can be delivered with fire-classified latex backing if the rug is to be fixed in place. The Contract 1100 rug is suitable as an exclusive wall-to-wall carpet and can also be tufted in whole sections for staircases and stairwells. All our tufted collections can be transferred to our contract quality Celia contract. Contact us for more information.


We have several rugs in our collection that withstand extra tough environments. The majority of these rugs can be ordered as custom when it comes to size, colour, pattern and backing.

The following rugs are suitable for contract interiors:

Camelia pile & Camelia loop
Camelia is a modern version of rya. It uses different threads of the natural materials worsted wool and linen, giving a lively, mélange effect. The colour spectrum also comports that the rug is perfect for matching it in with all kinds of furnishings. For contract interiors we recommend Camelia pile in 25 mm pile height, or our Camelia loop quality 12/16 mm pile height.

Mouline is an exclusive rug that is hand tufted with in three different materials, giving a lovely twisted surface and vibrant colour mix. Its colour is almost plain, but with added structure and attitude.

Lea Contract
A rug design that combines pile and loop. Possible to order in both round, square and rectangular shape.

Allium is handwoven on linen warp, with a woven hemmed linen edge finish. The Allium family includes both plain and patterned rugs, in colours ranging from classic to modern.

Tribulus One, Two and Mono
The rugs in the Tribulus series are all hand woven in New Zeeland wool on a stable linen warp. A top woven quality suitable and durable in contract interiors.

A rug with a monochrome sculptured design. It is hand cut in densely tufted worsted wool, in durable contract quality.

Sencillo is the basic tufted rug from Katehas and it is tufted by hand in more than 30 different luscious colours to be able to blend into all kinds of interiors and contexts. The Sencillo works well in the less though contract interiors, such as hotel rooms, foyers, meeting rooms, etc.


Camelia pile 25 mm Dark Blue and Allium Flamingo.