Hans Hosak, born 1929 in the textile city of Reichenburg in the first Czechoslovak Republic. He grew up both in Reichenberg and Austria, and his education was divided between Reichenberg and Aachen in Germany. Hans is a qualified textile technician and pattern constructor.

Since 1945, Hans has worked at different wool and rug factories in the Czech Republic, Denmark, Norway and Sweden. He established Brokmatt Design AB in 1979.

As a textile technician, Hans has mainly focused on function combined with quality. In his different management positions both in production and as an entrepreneur, it has always been a natural element of the developmental stage to start out with the most suitable raw material in order to achieve the required quality, technique and collection.

“I prefer to use natural materials in my designs. The raw material has always been important for me, with design and colour creating expression, often with structures and simple patterns that make the rug easy to place in the room.

There were always LARGE rugs in my parents’ home and later in my own home. So I consider the rug to be the room’s most important furnishing”.

Collections designed for Kateha:
Tofta Wave
Tribulus One
Tribulus Two
Tribulus Mono