Katrin-Olina-Petursdottir-webKatrín Ólína Petursdottir Icelandic designer, works with the intricacies of our universe and nature as subjects for her inspiration. Her work has materialised in the fields of product design, fashion, interiors, furniture, jewellery, print and animation. She has created large immersive graphic installations at the National Gallery in Oslo and the Reykjavik Art Museum and her graphic art has been commissioned for numerous hospitality and private spaces around the world. The coat stand Tree remains one of her best known creations. One of her most recent projects, Primitiva, presents a unique collection of 40 bronze talismans created by fusion of technology, digital manufacturing, tradition and philosophy. Katrín Ólína is the author of “Primitiva – Book of Talismans”, a corresponding guide to the world of Primitiva.

In her new collaboration with Kateha to be presented at the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2017 is a new rug, titled Minerals. In this new rug series, Katrín Ólína brings the focus under Earth’s surface to celebrate the beauty of microscopic patterns in the mineral kingdom. The hand tufted Minerals for Kateha are presented in warm grey-beige monocrome along with a more daring sprinkle of rasterised colour.

Collections designed for Kateha:
Woolly, Herringbone Weave, Herringbone Wild, Mineralium, Seeds