Pond woven semi-pile – design Charlotte von der Lancken

Pond is a tactile collection of handwoven rugs with a variation of heights and structures. The pattern is an abstaction of a fish shoal, tightly organized and coordinated in precise arrangements. Fast moving shoals usually form a wedge shape while shoals that are travelling calmly can form squares. This has been interpreted is a collection of rugs made in pure New Zeeland wool i varying colours. Stockholm based designer Charlotte von der Lancken has worked in close collaboration with Kateha and their weavers to develop a new combination of weaving techniques in order to achieve the diamond shaped rug, the different heights with ahndwoven pile and the outlines though soumak weaving.
The Pond family groups two rugs:
Here shows the Pond woven semi-pile, in diamond shape – a handwoven rug with woven pile inserts.