Karin Mannerstål born 1963, has lived in Stockholm for the past thirty years. Karin did the advertising programme at Beckmans School of Design between 1986 and 1989. She has become a well known, popular face on television as a presenter on a home design programme.

For a number of years, Karin has designed popular children’s rugs for Kateha and she’s delighted every time an adult buys one of the rugs for themselves. The rugs are graphic, cheerful, pedagogic and often with a dash of humour.

“When I was little, my grandmother from Finland visited us once a year. She always brought a newly made, round rag rug. My sister and I were always dying to see what the rug of the year looked like. They were gorgeous, even if we didn’t share the same taste in colours, my dear grandmother Hellin and I.”

Collections designed for Kateha:
Kids Family