Learn about wool

Wool is a natural fiber
When you buy a carpet made of pure new wool, a natural fiber, you get a carpet with all the good qualities you have the right to demand from a really good carpet. Natural fibers are biodegradable.

Wool has a natural elasticity
A good wool fiber has a natural elasticity that makes it pliable and springs back after pressure. Therefore, you usually see no traces of steps and furniture in a wool carpet. If you have had slightly heavier furniture on the pile carpet, you can make it easier for the wool to regain its shape by helping with your finger and raising the wool again. Thanks to the fact that wool is a pure natural material, the carpet retains its resilience over the years.

Wool is antistatic
The wool fiber is also porous and – thanks to its ability to absorb moisture – does not easily become statically charged. This contributes to the fact that the wool does not attract dirt like other fibers.

Wool is flame retardant
Unlike other fibers, wool has a natural flame retardant thanks to its nitrogen and moisture content. The wool does not catch fire if an ember from the fire accidentally ends up on the carpet. If the pile on the carpet gets a little burnt, you can easily brush it off without getting ugly burn marks.

Wool is antibacterial
Wool is resistant to bacteria, mold and mites and thus contributes to reducing what can cause allergies in the indoor air.

Wool cleans the indoor air
Wool carpets improve the quality of indoor air by absorbing and neutralizing formaldehyde, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide. These are common volatile organic compounds that can be released from household items, printers and even from furniture.

Wool is easy to keep clean
The wool fiber’s ability to repel dirt is an explanation for the lasting quality and long life of the wool carpet. This makes it much easier to clean a wool carpet than a synthetic carpet.

Wool contains the dirt-repellent fat lanolin. Often it is enough to vacuum, to sometimes hang the carpet for airing, etc. to take it out in cold clean fresh snow.

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