About Kateha

Kateha, meaning “rug with pile” in old Arabic, is the name of the brand that Barbara Hosak launched in 1998. But, the history of Kateha dates back much longer. A full 270 years of craftsmanship and textile knowledge can be traced through seven generations, all the way back to 1750.


Kateha develops and manufactures sustainable rugs with high design. Sustainable both in the choice of natural materials and the production, and the rugs longevity of use. The rugs are carefully manufacture by hand, whether they are woven, knotted, tufted or cut in 3D-sculptured patterns.


The collections of Kateha include pile rugs and flat woven rugs, in a vast offering of techniques, patterns, colours, qualities and formats. The fact that all our rugs are handmade gives us flexibility enabling us to adapt our rugs to the individual requirements and needs of architects and customers.


Kateha possesses unique expertise and has a long experience of textile manufacturing. Our offices, the showroom and the distribution warehouse are located in Värnamo, in the Swedish province of Småland. Here we work with the product development of our rugs, in close cooperation with renowned designers. Hans Hosak, dessinateur, has with his specific designs contributed with a number of rugs to the Kateha collection, where Tribulus is the latest. Our designers with textile feel today are Charlotte von der Lancken, Katrín Ólína Petursdottír, Anna Kraitz, Sara Szyber and more.


The manufacturing of the Kateha rugs is made by hand in Baltikum, Belgium and in India, where the rugs are tufted, woven or knotted by experienced weavers and textile craftsmen. In India we have a 50 years long manufacturing collaboration and in Baltikum we cooperate since over 20 years with the same production.


The customers of Kateha rugs can be found where quality, sustainability and design are in demand, both in private homes, in contract and public interiors.


Welcome to the Kateha world of rugs! Be inspired!

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