Sara Szyber is an interior architect and furniture designer, graduated from The University College of Arts, Craft and Design in Stockholm. She is a design operative in collaborative projects with design companies and within public institutions. Sara works mainly with design of furniture but also with glas and textile and as a curator for exhibition projects. She is a member of the Svensk Form board.

For Kateha Sara has designed the carpet Labyrint – “My inspiration for the design comes from the myth of Daedalus labyrinth on Crete. I have always loved carpets and especially The Black Garden-carpet by Marta Maas-Fjetterström. I have a strong connection to patterns and in the labyrinth the interplay between the stripes gives the motive a distinct spatiality. The labyrinth is classical in addition of being something of an enigma.”

Collections designed for Kateha:
BrickLabyrint tuftedLabyrint MonoLabyrint woven flatMini-Labyrint