Sara Szyber

Sara Szyber is an interior architect and designer, graduated from Konstfack, who cooperates with design comåpanies and public institutions.  Sara works primarily with furniture and product design and as acurator for exhibition projects..

For Kateha Sara Szyber has thesigned the Labyrint rug – “My inspiration to the rug design comes from the myth told about  the Daidalos labyrint in Crete and I have always loved rugs, especially the Black Garden rug by  Märta Måås-Fjetterström. I have a strong connection to patterns and in the labyrinth you have the interplay of the lines which gives the design a distinct spaciousness..The Labyrinth is a classic at the same time as it carries an enigma.”

Designs for Kateha:
Labyrint tuftad

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