The design for the Mineralium rug is inspired by rocks and minerals under the microscope. It apperas through contrasting pile heights and colours in this
3D tufted rug in pure wool.



The intricacies of our universe and nature are subjects of  the work of Icelandic designer Katrín Ólína Pétursdóttir. Her work has materialised in the fields of product design, fashion, interiors, furniture, jewellery, print and animation. She has created large immersive graphic installations at the National Gallery in Oslo and Reykjavik Art Museum and her graphic art has been commissioned for numerous hospitality and private spaces around the world. Tree, coat stand for Swedese remains one of her best known creations.

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Sizes: Ø 220, 170 x 240, 200 x 300
Custom orders: Possible, maximum width 500 cm,
maximum length 2000 cm


Product: Hand tufted rug in 100% pure wool.
Material: Wool
Base fabric: Cotton and polyester
Backing material: Cotton and polyester
Adhesive: Synthetic latex
Number of threads in needle: 5
Finish: Binding
Pile height: approx. 12-14 mm
Total height: approx. 20-22 mm
Weight: approx. 4600 g/m2

Other information:
• Size variations for handmade rugs +/-5%
• We use renewable natural materials. Dye lot and yarn
batch variations may occur.
• Pile shedding during first period of use is normal.
• We recommend rug underlay (anti-slip): For reduced wear, improved comfort, non-slip properties and easier vacuuming.


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