Tribulus one


is the first rug designed within the Tribulus-series. It is designed with advanced weaving, in seven fields of different weaving techniques using white
and black combined, separated from each other by light lines of yellow and red.. The inspiration for Tribulus results from a visit to the Bauhaus Museum in Berlin and via a retrospect into the  school book of Alvin Hosak from 1907 “Die färbige Gewebemusterung” by Franz Donat.



Hans Hosak was born 1929 in the textil town Reichenberg in the first Czech republic. The childhood and adolescense was spent both in Reichenberg and Austria and he studied both in Reichenberg and in  Aachen, Germany. Hans graduated both as a textile engineer and as dessinateur, i.a. pattern designer/ pattern draftsman.

Ever since 1945 Hans Hosak  worked in different wool- and rug factories in the Czech Republic, Denmark, Norway and Sweden. In 1979 he started Brokmatt Design AB 1979.

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Sizes: 80 x 250, 170 x 240, 200 x 300
Custom orders: Possible, maximum width 400 cm, maximum length 1000 cm.


Product: Handwoven rug in pure new high quality wool from New Zealand
Weft material: Wool
Warp material: Linen
Backing: Reversible
Finish: Woven hemmed linen edge
Height: approx. 8 mm
Weight: approx. 2000 g/m2

Other information
• Size variations for handmade rugs +/-5%.
• We use renewable natural materials. Dye lot and yarn
batch variations may occur.
• Traditionally, wool rugs have been woven on linen warp. We have chosen to weave on linen warp for stability and better durability.
• We recommend rug underlay (anti-slip): For reduced wear, improved comfort, non-slip properties and easier vacuuming.


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