About Kateha

Al katifa is Old Arabic and means ’pile rug’. It is closely related to Kateha, the name and brand that Barbara Hosak gave her company over twenty years ago. The collectyions of Kateha are not limited only to pile rugs but cover a broad spectrum rich in techniques, patterns, colours, qualities and formats. Kateha develops high quality, handmade rugs that combine meticulous handicraft with innovative design. Kateha possesses unique expertise and has a long history of textile manufacturing ‒ seven generations of experience, in the fields of design, product development and production. (Read more under Barbara Hosak) Kateha is located in Värnamo in the Swedish province of Småland. There you find the showroom and the distribution warehouse. Barbara controls the product development from here, in collaboration with external designers.

The Kateha rugs are handmade in Europe and in India, where they are tufted, woven or knotted by hand by experienced weavers. After more than 40 years and three generations of unique collaboration between the Hosak family and the family behind the production in India, a deep and lasting friendship has developed between them.

The customers of Kateha rugs can be found both in private homes as well as in contract interiors, where there is a high demand on quality, sustainability and design.