Hans Hosak

Hans Hosak was born 1929 in the textil town Reichenberg in the first Czech republic. The childhood and adolescense was spent both in Reichenberg and Austria and he studied both in Reichenberg and in  Aachen, Germany. Hans graduated both as a textile engineer and as dessinateur, i.a. pattern designer/ pattern draftsman.

Ever since 1945 Hans Hosak  worked in different wool- and rug factories in the Czech Republic, Denmark, Norway and Sweden. In 1979 he started Brokmatt Design AB 1979.

As a textile techician Hans has first and foremost thought function in combination with qulaity. In his varoius management roles with the production and as his own producer it has always been natural in the design and development process to start with the most suitable raw material in order to reach the quality, technique and design collection goal.

– I have prefered using  natural materials in my design. The material, the raw material, has been important to me, and following the material the form and colour has been allowed to add to the design. Often in different structures and simple patterns that makes the rug easy to fit into any interior. 

– In the house of my parents and later in my own home the rugs have always been LARGE in size. This is whay I consider the tug to be the most important piece of furniture in the room.

Collections designed for  Kateha:

Lea contract
Lea original
Tofta Wave


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