Pond Soumak

POND soumak

Pond is a tactile collection of handwoven rugs with a variation of heights and structures. The pattern is an abstraction of a fish shoal, tightly organized and coordinated in precise arrangements. Fast moving shoals usually form a wedge
shape while shoals that are travelling can form squares. This has been interpreted
in a collection of handwoven rugs in various colours. Charlotte von der Lancken has worked in close collaboration with Kateha and its weavers, using a combination
of weaving techniques in order to achieve the diamond shaped rug and the outlines through soumak-twist weaving. Pond soumak is edged with woven hemmed wool egdes in a contrasting colour.



Charlotte von der Lancken graduated as MA Industrial designer from University College of Arts Crafts and Design (Konstfack) in 2004. Upon that she established Front Design, which she chooses to leave in 2015 and to work independently with her own design studio. Charlotte works on an international scene with design and art. Her collaboration partners are in the field of furniture, interior decoration, fashion, PR etc. Over the years she has received numerous prestigious awards and prizes.

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Sizes: 170×240, 200×300, 216×270
Custom orders: Possible, maximum width 400 cm,
maximum length 400 cm.


Product: Handwoven rug with soumak-twisting, in pure wool from New Zeeland
Weft material: Wool
Warp material: Linen
Backing: Reversible
Finish: Woven hemmed wool edge
Height: approx. 10-14 mm
Weight: approx. 2 000 g/m2

Other information:
• Size variations for handmade rugs +/-5%.
• We use renewable natural materials. Dye lot and yarn
batch variations may occur.
• Traditionally, wool rugs have been woven on linen warp. We have chosen to weave on linen warp for stability and better durability.
• We recommend rug underlay (anti slip). For reduced wear, improved comfort, non-slip properties and easier vacuuming.


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